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Our professional integration service simplifies the recruitment process, ensuring a perfect match between the needs of companies and the resources of HR agencies.

Targeted Recruitment:
Exceptional Results

With our recruitment solutions, precisely and efficiently target the key skills you are looking for. At KEHOPS, we bridge the gap between companies and specialized recruitment agencies for hires that promote smooth integration and optimal retention.

The Quality of Our Expertise
for Your HR Strategy

Our recruitment platform is the perfect combination of advanced technology and in-depth knowledge of the job market. Thus, at KEHOPS, we can not only assist you in the application of recruitment techniques but also in responding to offers and training and supporting your teams.

Implementation Services

HR Strategy Consulting

Our professional services specialists are here to advise you on the optimal integration and use of matching algorithm-based connection technologies to maximize benefits for your organization.

We assist you in developing a customized strategy for the deployment or expansion of your HR solution, highlighting profitability analysis and a personalized action plan.

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HR Strategy Consulting
Our Offers

Customized Professional Services

Work closely with our dedicated specialists to strengthen the connection between your organization and your current and future personnel.

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Creation of Corporate Video Content and Employer Brand Promotion

We offer a comprehensive service for the production and realization of corporate videos to enhance your brand image with current and potential employees.

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Support and Advice on Internal Communication

Benefit from the support of our HR experts to optimize your internal communication strategies, specially designed to engage your employees.

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Implementation of Internal Communication Solutions

As specialized integrators, we facilitate the implementation of efficient internal communication systems, such as Jostle, to improve communication within your company.

Personalized Assistance

Deployment Services

Whether it's for initial installation of KEHOPS, adding new features, or integrating with other enterprise systems, our experts are available to guide you.

In addition to having in-depth knowledge of KEHOPS and the HR sector, our team also has recognized skills through various certifications, ensuring successful implementation and optimization of your solution.

From start to finish, we are by your side to ensure the success of your project, with collaborative tools for better management and visibility.

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Deployment Services
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